Purpose Built to Secure

Our smart Router is a professional grade security for your home. You can build an affordable security system for your home using a range of compatible sensors. For starters, an automatic siren goes off when intruders or unexpected motion events are detected in your house or backyard. Almond 3S has a built-in alarm so all you need is a sensor.

Why is Almond 3S the #1 Smart Home Security Hub?

Because intruders come in many forms

The Almond 3S does not only effectively ward off physical harm but also guards your Wi-Fi network and the users. It has a touchscreen feature that lets you change the Wi-Fi password easily from the device itself. It even has a security feature that can block unwanted users and monitor suspicious devices using the Almond App.
You can also create a guest network for visitors so you don’t have to share your local network even for just a temporary use. Simply provide them a guest Wi-Fi name and password.
Secures your Home | Data | Devices | Internet | Identity

Full Control + Flexible Features

Check in from anywhere in the World.

Outside home? Travelling? No problem! You still get to monitor your home using the Almond App. Download the mobile application on Google Play or the App Store and control your home’s security system whenever and wherever. Receive instant notifications every time an intruder comes or the door opens unexpectedly straight to your smart phone. You can also create rules based on triggers, events, and schedules using the IFTTT (IF This, Then That) technology giving you total security and flexibility depending on your different needs.

4G Internet Backup
Built-in Battery Backup
Instant Security Notifications
Smart Phone App
Connect up to 100 Sensors
Connects to most Security Devices

Home Security that’s Unstoppable. Literally.

No Electricity? No Internet? No Problem.

What would be the worst case scenario for security-enabled Smart Homes? Power Outages! Luckily for the Almond 3S, it has a unique feature where a battery backup takes over in case of power failures. It also has a SIM slot that provides cellular backup so you can switch to a 4G connection when the ethernet is not functioning. With the Almond 3S, your home is 100% secured.

Effortless, Limitless Connection.

Connecting with more devices and more brands.

Almond 3S is a champion of connectivity – with the capability to manage an absolute arsenal of devices and scheduled activities without skipping a beat. From lighting, climate control, alarms, to cameras, control them via Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Connect with Almond brand smart devices. Or, if you prefer, connect with devices from other known brands – we don’t play favourites. Our aim is to connect to all devices and all brands, and we’re working hard to make that a reality.

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Ready to turn your home into a smart-home? It’s a lot simpler than you might think.

Get in touch with an Almond 3S Smart Home Security Hub Professional – our network of highly skilled and experienced professionals are trained and accredited in all aspects of installation and maintenance of Smart Home Hub Security. You’ll get practical advice, answers to your questions, and the convenience of a totally managed installation and custom setup to deliver the best outcomes for your needs.

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