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Home automation is stress-free with Almond 3S. Connecting is quick and easy with this Smart Hub. Here are the brands that work well with our routers:

Osram/Sylvania, Nietzsche Enterprise, Vision, Fibaro, Yale, Lowe’s Iris, 2Gig Technologies, SmartThings, Poly-Control, Everspring, GE/Jasco, GE, Remotec, Jasco, Leviton, Danfoss, Belkin, Linear/LinearLinc, Aeon Labs, Centralite, GE Link, Philips, PEQ, Quirky/GE, NYCE, Ecolink, Osram, First Alert, Trane, Secure Together, Monoprice, Schlage, FortrezZ, Sensative, Qubino, Dome, Zipato, Climax, Nest, Amazon, IFTTT, Cree, NHR, Zen, and MULTIREG.

Hundreds of smart devices from these brands are already compatible with the Almond 3S.





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Ready to turn your home into a smart-home? It’s a lot simpler than you might think.

Get in touch with an Almond 3S Smart Home Security Hub Professional – our network of highly skilled and experienced professionals are trained and accredited in all aspects of installation and maintenance of Smart Home Hub Security. You’ll get practical advice, answers to your questions, and the convenience of a totally managed installation and custom setup to deliver the best outcomes for your needs.

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